Introducing Gulp-devtools

Its been a while since my previous blog post and I am very happy to finally made some time to blog agian. Recently I have been playing a lot with chrome extension development as its so much fun.

Chrome provides a very easy and neat way to re-use your existing web development skills to write powerful extensions and apps. These app can be published onto the chrome web store and can be dowloaded onto any chrome browser.

As a part of this learning process I happen to create my first chrome extension called gulp-devtools.

gulp-devtools, is simple chrome extension, that lets you run your gulp tasks from within your chrome browser via a UI. The below image shows a demo of gulp-devtools

alt tag

Its provides some cool features to search through a list of all the gulp tasks in your project, start/stop a gulp task and run gulp tasks in the background (useful for tasks like watch).

You can download the extension via the chrome web store. If you’d like to contribute to it on see the latest on this plugin development, you can checkout the github repo.